Monday, March 16, 2009

Mermaid Pools

Yesterday Kedar and I went with the UWI Hiking Club to Mermaid Pools. I would say that it was an easy hike, which, considering my dwindling fitness level (laziness keeps creeping up and doesn't let go), means that most people would consider the hike just a leisurely walk. I don't appreciate walking on the edges of anything, especially when there is nothing to grip onto and nowhere to put my feet. I say that walking through the waist-high water and braving the slippery stones is infinitesmally better than falling into said water at a funny angle and breaking necessary body parts. Apart from my stubborn refusal to cross that short area, the rest of the hike was good. It was certainly easier than Salybia, which is also pretty easy, and a bit more difficult than Maracas, which had a difficulty level of zero.
The trail was lovely. There were pine trees planted in 1980 (so the sign said) that had brown needles blanketing the trail and it looked really pretty. When we reached the canopy after that, Kedar mentioned that it looked just like the set of a movie. I took that as a good thing. There were funny-shaped vines. I liked the vines that looked like a jumbled mess around the trees - reminded me of entropy (which then reminded me that I am a nerd).
The pools were blue. I don't know about you, but that pretty much did it for me. I get happy when I see water, and I'm even happier that I can see straight through said water, and I jump for joy when the pools of water are blue and flowing and not black, stagnant and gross. I took lots of pictures of the water because that is my fascination. If you ever notice going through my pictures, I photograph water and flowers. Aside from the fact that I love water and flowers, they remain the only things that I take half-decent shots of. I still have to properly go through the 100 or so that I took and attempt to salvage the worthy ones to upload.

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